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From the night she was turned to present.


Jessica’s Turning:

Jessica had sneaked out of her home to go to her friends party. Her father told her that she could not attend and this made her angry. She has never disobeyed her father before until now. She got all dressed up, then laid down in bed pretending she was going to sleep. As soon as her parents came in to say goodnight to her, she smiled at them and said night back. Once they left she carefully opened her bedroom window. climbed out and ran threw the woods to head to her friend party.

Once she got half way into the woods someone had grabbed her from behind, They threw a mask over her head scooped her up and threw her in the trunk of a car. She was so scared, She was crying and screaming for them to let her go but they ignored her. She felt the car take off as she laid tied up in the trunk. 

Once the car stopped she was hoping they would come to their senses and let her go, but that didn’t happen. She was dragged out of the car then thrown on the hard ground, She took in her surroundings and realized she was surrounded by vampires. She was praying from them to let her go, but her prays fell on deaf ears. 

As she was listening to what was going on laying there in fear Bill came over to her. He tried to calm her down, she was begging him to let her go but he couldn’t. She then realized she was never going back home again. She will never see her parents or sister again. She was crying hysterical as Bill spoke to her before he sank his fangs into her deep.

She felt his razor sharps fangs pierce her skin, she screamed and screamed from the pain until there was no more pain, everything went blank as she passed out. 

A few days later she rose up from the grave. Spotting Bill there he ordered her to sit down so he can talk to her and tell her what has happened. She hated Bill at first and didn’t want anything to do with him. She argued about all his orders and rules. She just wanted to do what she wanted to do with no rules.

In time Jessica started to respect Bill and now he has become like a father figure to her. She loves and adores him very much. 


                             Meeting Sookie:


Jessica meet Sookie a few nights after she was turned. She took to Sookie right away. She was glad to have a friend and she saw how much Bill cared for her. One night Jessica begged Sookie to take her back home so she can see her parents and sister one last time. 

She really just wanted to sit in the car and look at them from the window. Sookie agreed to do this. they headed to jessicas old house. Once she was her mother she ran out of the car. Went to the door. Her mother saw her and told Jessica to come in. Sookie ran in with jessica and she got to see her Mother and sister

Everything was going good till her father came home and started to yell at Jessica. Jessica got angry and attacked her father. just then Bill walked in and ordered Jessica  and Sookie out of the home. Jessica hated Bill for yelling at her like a child and didnt speak to him the rest of the night


                              Jessica Meets Hoyt:


Jessica’s first night alone with Bill she decided to go to Merlottes. She got dressed up left the home and headed to this restaurant. She walked in and spotted Hoyt right away. She slowly walked over to his table and took a seat across from him. They started talking and hit it off right away,

Jessica took Hoyt back to Bills that night where they got to talk and get to know more about eachother. It was like love at first site. Jessica fell head over heels for Hoyt and a few months after they started dating they were engaged. This made jessica very happy. She was so excited to be marrying Hoyt, even though is mother didn’t approve she didnt care.


                       Training with Bill


Jessica was having difficulties with being a vampire. She was happy to be engaged to Hoyt but she was also unhappy that she has not took to her new lifestyle that well. She ended up going to Bill for help. She explained to him her situation how she was engaged but also how she was having the issues that she having.

Bill understood what Jessica was talking about and he agreed to train her as a maker should train their child. He taught her skills that she needed to learn from fighting to glamouring. She was very happy that he had helped her out with all of this and she felt now she can adapt better with her new life style.


                                 The Wedding:


June 11, 2011 was the best  day of Jessica’s life. She married her true love Hoyt and became Mrs. Hoyt Fortenberry. They had a great wedding with an awesome ceremony that followed. She felt like Cinderella for the night . Bill walked her down the aisle. He was very proud of what a young women and vampire that she had turned out to be.

Hoyt and Jessica partied all night at their wedding before heading to their first home together. He picked her up and walked her over the threshold of the home. She was laughing as she was kissing him and they made love all night long.

For their honeymoon they went to Hawaii. They had so much fun there. Jessica felt like the luckiest girl around. She had great friends and now a great husband.


                                       Casey Wright


Once Hoyt and Jessica returned from their honeymoon. Jessica went for a hunt in the woods. As she was hunting she heard crying from a little girl. She vamp speeded to where this girl was saw she was alone. At first Jessica thought she was lost. But then the girl said her parents car went over the bridge and into the water.

Jessice dived off the bridge saw the the car under water. She saw casey’s parent but it was to late. They had drowned. Jess felt bad for the little girl and she took her back home. She explained to Hoyt what has happened and they agreed to adopt her.

Casey adapted very well to Jessica and Hoyt and she started calling them Mom and dad. THis made Jessica and Hoyt very happy.


Casey is now 12 yrs old. She is a good student in school and Hoyt and Jessica adore her. 





 Eden Jessica’s sister now lives with them as well. Eden was having the same issues that Jessica had with her father and Jess didn’t want her sister to go threw what she had endured from their father. So Jessica agreed to let Eden live with them. 

Jessica is very happy to have her sister living with them. She gets along very well with Hoyt and Casey. She feels that her family is really complete now.          


The Fortenberry’s:


Jessica’s Sister:


Lost Vampire

Jessica feels so lost for the first time since she was a NewBorn. When she was first created she had Bill and even Pam and Eric to help guide her in different but many ways. But those days are long gone leaving Jessica lost confused and she hates this feeling.

Jessica is happily married to Hoyt. She loves him so very much and they have a beautiful adopted 8 yr old girl Casey. She is the sweetest thing ever. You figured this would make Jessica happy, she is happy with the family that she loves so very much. but she is also sad deep down inside. She fears that she is forgetting the fact of what she really is a monster.

She is reminded of this every night when she is starving for blood. Her dark vampire side comes out. She wants to hunt, shes wants to kill her victims and not think twice about it. She feels this is her nature. Its what shes supposed to be doing. She has no idea if this is right or wrong. She has no guidance.

Hoyt is always offering his blood to her, but she feels its not enough. She needs a variety of different kinds of  blood. She also knows he worries about Jessica and it does kill her thinking he fears that he is not good enough for her when she knows he is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Jessica just wishes she had Bill back in her life or even Eric and Pam. She wishes that he did not abandon her. they all swore they would be there for her but they are not. She hates Bill for what he did to her as for Eric and Pam, they never have time for her. They still call her a newborn and they just shoo her away. how is Jessica supposed to get the answers she needs with no guidance.

Jessica fears if she continues as she does by hunting and killing she will be caught by the AVL and she fears she would meet her second death. She fears this everytime she comes back from a hunt. Hoyt has even warned her about this as she just ignores his warnings telling him everything is fine and this is her nature and its what vampires do, hunt and kill. 

If Jessica does not get the help or guidance she needs she fears she will be lost forever and her dark vampire side of her will come out for good and she will not ever be able to control herself. She pleads for any older vampire to help her with this but she is just unsure if that would ever happen.

Happy One year Anniversary

A family vacation for you me and Casey where we spent our honeymoon One year ago I love you so much HOyt. Thankyou for the best first year of marriage ever.

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Gifts from Florida hope you like them

To:  @NyteStevens@JaguarGabriel @Aiden_Stevens & @Bryce_Stevens.

Gifts from Florida hope you like them

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gifts from florida hope you guys like them

To: @DrJude_BT  @janellewalkerbt  @JacobHarrisonBT

gifts from florida hope you guys like them

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Gifts from Florida Hope you guys like them.

To:  @LukePreston_BT  @Portiabellefle  @ThePrestonTwins @LiamPrestonBT

Gifts from Florida Hope you guys like them.

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A gift from us from Florida hope you like it.

To:  @KevinPriorBT  and  @kenya_jonesbt

A gift from us from Florida hope you like it.

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Dinner at the Fortenberry ‘s hamburgers hotdogs and a cake for hoyt. @HoytFBerryBT @JessicaFBerry @casey_wright

for @casey_wright we love you

for @casey_wright we love you